DIY screen printing
« on: January 24, 2019, 03:47:30 PM »
Youtube account Applied Science has figured out DIY screen printing:

As usual, he's very thorough. After a lot of experimenting, he came up with the right method. Seems affordable and easy enough to make your own face plates. And that's still the most expensive part of any diy project if you send it out.

What do you think?
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Re: DIY screen printing
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Great video.
My experience with screen printing is from an art/illustration background,  I still learned a couple things from this.
The sheet emulsion is really great, gotta try it out one day.
I had good experience with standard acrylic painting colours with added substance for slowing down drying (not to permanently clog the screen)

And it requires a little practice, don´t expect the first couple of prints to be ok >:( ;D
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Re: DIY screen printing
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Back in the 70s/80s I did my own screen printing for prototypes, but you can actually pay vendors to do that for production quantities.

One old trick to save scrap during set up is to cover the work piece with a layer of clear 3"-4" wide label tape... Hit it with the ink screen and if off-registration just replace the clear tape and try again, until you get it right... better than wasting good metal during setup.


PS: I'm so old I remember using sunlight to expose the UV sensitive media...  ;D
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Re: DIY screen printing
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Sunlight is actually mentioned in the video
UV might be actually upped since the 70/80s
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