RIP Little Richard
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Man what a thing he did.  RIP. 

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Re: RIP Little Richard
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Good golly.


Re: RIP Little Richard
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Re: RIP Little Richard
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Sadly this was due to bone cancer...  May he R.I.P.

What a person with an extensive career. Influenced countless number of folks. Only person I know of to fire Jimi Hendrix from his band because no one upstages little Richard. While I don't know if the reason is true, he did actually fire Jimi Hendrix from his post as Richards sideman.

Long story short, Jimi was fired from Richard’s band as well. Richard felt nothing should distract attention away from his star power and so Jimi shredded the role of back-line guitarist. He was born for the spotlight, and he knew it from the very beginning.
Richard's brother, Robert Penniman, later claimed that Hendrix was fired because ‘he was always late for the bus and flirting with all the girls and stuff like that.
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Re: RIP Little Richard
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 He was always an original.  From the beginning of rock and roll .  Energy to the max RIP Little Richard!

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Sadly this was due to bone cancer... 
In these times of Covid, Death goes on...
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Re: RIP Little Richard
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So I was working a a second engineer on pre records for Dolly Parton’s TV show on ABC. We would do all the cues in 48 hours straight - track, OD, mix. Very hectic sessions. Little Richard did the show. Here’s what a total pro he was - he shows up at the studio and says, “you know, I was in the studio two days ago and we cut a version of the song. You want to hear it?” Being the hayseed I was, I figured the producer would want to do his own version. Wrong. Richard plays the version he cut, it’s fantastic. High fives all around the control room. We saved at least 2 hours, no setup, cutting, or teardown. Richard and his band now had the day off. AND Richard didn’t have to pay his guys extra to do another session. He sat about 5 feet from me. I also remember thinking “wow, he’s a really big man in person”.

RIP Big Man.


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