Auditronics 110 Console Part Out, Classic API ACA/Booster - All Sold

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Nov 3, 2007
Denver, Colorado
I am parting out my Auditronics 110 console. I have all parts available. You pay shipping, I'll pay Paypal. Here are some highlights with prices:

Classic API ACA/Booster stuffed and working. Very cleanly built. 2 of the molex headers have their friction locks broken off - does not affect operation, easy fix if you want. This is Rev A, which has the same signal path as Rev B here:
$200 with no opamps, $320 with 4 cleanly and carefully built Gar2520s

Channels: I have several different styles of input channels. All have been modified in several ways including: relay switching of pre or post-fader direct out, solo-in-place, better frequency response at all gains - this has resulted in a discrepancy between the gain on the silkscreen legend and the actual gain at 1 or 2 steps. Depending on your use (racked or in a console) these mods will need to be adjusted. Talk to me about your needs and we will figure it out. All input modules have some traces cut for the modifications - these have been done as cleanly and carefully as possible. All modules have non-original knobs, including repro API knobs for gain. Original knobs can be supplied in some cases. All modules are recently recapped with Vishay/BC caps and are fully working. All channels have transformer-balanced inputs and three-band inductor eqs. The circuits are quite similar to API 312 mic preamps and API 553 Eqs.

110A/B channels with Jensen 6110 input transformers and 5534 ICs: $180

110A channels with Jensen 6110 input transformers modified to accept 2520 footprint discreet opamps for mic pre: $180 with no opamp, $200 with opamp (I have a few choices of discreet opamps)

110 (no letter designation) with stepped Grayhill gain switches, Ed anderson repro 2622 input transformers, and 5534 ICs: $200

A-30 Output cards: single gain stage and transformer outputs.

with Jensen transformer: $30
with older potted transformer: $25 SOLD

5k Penny and Giles fader with or without Auditronics facia. I have a few different vintages - I can match them up for you.

mono: $15
stereo: $20

I have all the other parts of this console as well, let me know what you need and I'll sell it to you cheap.

I would also consider some trades.

email: benjaminrthompson dot mail at gmail dot com




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