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Mar 24, 2012
Maryland's Eastern Shore
After a performance the multi track (Alesis HD24) was unplugged by an intern and the audio recording lost. There was also a 4 camera shoot but the audio portion has a background noise like a fan. It of course is more noticeable in quiet portions and was described to me as "broadband" interference. Is there a filter or way to reduce this noise?
I think Brusfri is available as a VST for Reaper. It's 60$ or so. Have you checked the link?

I use it on iOS and that's a standalone app. Reaper already has some good de-noising filters you could try. ReaFIR, for instance. On iOS there's not that much choice :)

In ReaFIR, you select a sample of the noise to filter from the audio. BrusFRI is simpler to use.
There may be a way to recover audio from the HD24 ,
HD tools has a few recovery options ,
The Alesis HD24 connect software is well past its useby date but seems to have some more advanced options for drive recovery and formating .

I presume you know this site , the answer to just about every question about the HD24 is answered here ,

Youve tried that already ,I see .

Theres a known issue with the HD24 ,
the caddies dont seat properly and heavy vibrations can cause intermitance, I added a couple of washers to push back the centronics connector on the caddie around half a mm , now it engages properly .
As its supplied it only barely makes contact .
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So much rehearsal and set up time for a live - sold out performance, was a shame to lose it...I still am a HD24 fan. Thanks for your help, I visited the Brusfri site and shared it with my son who is more tech savvy than me. He felt it may not be worth it..."Their example on a close mic’d guitar amp sounds really good, but I think in our case there is too much noise… and so much room sound in the tracks… I don’t feel like your gonna get your moneys worth for this scenario."

There are 4 cameras each with different audio, I'll re-listen and see if one is a candidate...
Thank you!