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DIY clean out:: 80B Eq, cases, more to come!

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Nov 15, 2010
I have a few projects that I'm too busy to complete in the near future. I'll consider trades for working rack/500 series pres, comps, eq's, a nice condenser mic or nice hardware reverb. I could possibly go + $$$ on my side if you have something really special. Prices are are under what I paid, so no low ball offers please :)

$350 - Trident 80b clones (four) w/case and PS - Four channels stuffed with AML's kit. All pots and IC's are included. ParMetal case with my sloppy drill work. Expat Uber PS with Antek dual 18v xfr. Almost there!

$65 each, faceplate $10 - Collective Cases 1U, 11" deep stereo case - Two available, one faceplate

$sold!$ - Trident A-Range preamp (pair) w/ pwr xfrs - these are Grand Master Audio's PCB's with an excellent build PDF. Power xfrs (dual 22v, dual 18v) are included but not pictured. Mostly stuffed.

$sold!$- Carnhill VTB1148 - this is the slimmer 1U version

(Pending)$30 for all - Bogen Mix Xfrs (3) - got these out of an old mic mixer. 1:7 ratio, good for API style pre's (we have an Eisen DIY with these input xfrs). More might be available

$sold!$ - Hairball Rev. A PCB stuffed - Unknown if it's working. I pulled it from a friend's unit with intermittent compression. We replaced the board and re-wired everything, and it worked. I've gone over components and everything looks right, so I'd guess it was the wiring. Sold as is!

$sold!$- Signalflow's SSL EQ Boards (pair) - Never even touched by a soldering iron. What a shame :(

$sold!$- 3D Air EQ (pair) mostly stuffed - Comes with faceplate and boards. Also included but not pictured: All pots, rotaries and IC's.

$sold!$ - LAZ 525 partially stuffed - bought this from a forum member. All Collet knobs, pots and VCR2N included. Rotary switch pictured is not included, missing two small L-brackets (available at hardware/electronics stores).

Also for sale is two (possibly four) stripped Neve 51 series buckets. Three monitor buckets and one channel bucket available. Stripped mostly except for cabling and main PCB. I can do freight shipping! Contact for info

More items to come!!

Everything ships from Houston, TX to the U.S. via UPS with tracking. International shipping only available on orders over $100. Feel free to contact me via PM with questions!


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