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For Sale 8 channel Trident S800 (80b) EQ kit SOLD

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Oct 10, 2004
Karlsruhe, Germany
Hi group

I finally decided to let my S800 kit go. It´s an 8 channel Trident 80b clone. I won´t go down the road to finish it. Too many other things have priority a.t.m.. My second kit is already working and sounding perfectly fine. That´s enough for me in terms of 80B EQs.

All PCBs are completely stuffed, tested and calibrated. The kit includes a Purusha case, knobs and a few spareparts. What still needs to be done is a PSU (standard +/- 15V, 30W), finishing the wiring and putting everything into the case.

The price was a lot higher back then, but I´m happy to let it go for 500€ + shipping.



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I doubt this will still be around after newyears, but if it is and you're down to shipping to the US, I'd love to finish these up! (kinda just putting a reminder here for myself so i can find the thread again).

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