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Jun 24, 2018
I am building a 2 channel preamp.  I just ordered an ez1290 kit and a JLM baby animal dual kit.  By going with the external 48V power supply from JLM audio, I realized that I had room for more stuff in my 1U chassis.  I then stumbled upon Uwe Beis's AD and DAC diy kits.

Am I mad for wanting to mount these boards in my dual channel preamp to make it a complete recording unit? It would clear off so much space on the recording desk.  Could I use the TREK power supply unit from JLM and step down the voltage from 24v to 12v to power the AD converter boards?  Also, could I run wires from the output of the preamps and solder them directly into the AD converter board?

I was even thinking of installing a headphone jack into the front of the chassis.  This jack would be wired to the analog output of the preamps,  AND the analog output of the DAC converter board.  In theory this would give zero latency monitoring, like those cheap focusrite and maudio  interfaces have.

This way I would not have to buy one of those cheap saffire like interfaces and try to bypass the preamps in them.  I could just have a sound card with digital inputs, I could even go with a sound blaster card at that point.  I am not big on buying those really expensive AD converters. I am in the Ethan Winer camp when it comes to AD conversion, I just can't here THAT much of a difference to justify the cost.

What do you guys think?  Do you think it would be a good idea?  Are these ideas fesible?  It worries me that I have never seen this done before in a diy project.