Dual Output Microphone: 2x Schoeps Circuit + K87 capsule BM-800 Donor Body)

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Sep 21, 2019
Austria / Europe
Hi everybody,

i have another design for the BM-800. This time I jumped on the idea of a dual output microphone (see kingkorg's thread: Quick DIY dual output LDC ), which consists of 2 Schoeps circuits and records each side of the capsule separately.
The design is based on the Schoeps microphone circuit adopted for LDC capsules. I was studying several designs, but in my hands the pimped alice design worked best - so I went with a very similar circuit (Pimped Alice V.40 &amp and V.56 DC PCBs ). The design includes a LPF, which can be controlled with C17 in order to adjust the high end to the capsule used.
For the capsule, my pick went to the Maiku K87, as the capsule need to come with separated backplates for this design. For the connection of the two PCBs to the outer world I changed the connector to a 5-pin connector and used a break out cable that split into two 3-pin XLR microphone connectors.
I found it quite nice to play around with a few plugins which are around (twonsend lab sphere or polar designer by AA; see kingkorg's thread on this topic: Townsend Labs Sphere Hacking

You can find a detailed building guide as well as the BOM and some sound samples in the dropbox folder below:

It is highly suggested to match the HFE of Q1 and Q2. In my case my DC-meter was able to do the job.

Here are some pictures of the built:

IMG_0382.jpeg IMG_0378 2.jpeg IMG_0288.jpeg IMG_0292.jpeg
IMG_0375 2.jpeg IMG_0399.jpeg IMG_0293.jpeg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_121.jpg

As can be seen from the description the built was highly influenced by kingkorgs ideas and also his comparison with the townsend microphone. Some solutions were taken over from others and the Circuit is based originally on the Schoeps design with very helpful informations found in the PimpedAlice description and this forum.

Thanks for all the positive input and the sharing of the ideas within this forum, maybe the sound samples can provide some useful information for others ...