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For Sale dust covered stuff : diy, pcb's , parts

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apparently i don't have a k87 capsule for that du87 project , i really thought so .
csn you make an offer please ?
DU87 mic project
measured / matched fets plus other parts .
groove tubes body with capsule
( wanted to use another capsule that i add when it comes through my fingers )
cm2480 transformer
Hallo @nashkato
Can you tell me exactly what components you have in the BOM that you collected to build the u87 clone?
On a label I see 15 Stück of 2N3819 fet, are they genuine Fairchild? It seems that the lowest Idss would be 10.3mA, usually I use with Idss between 5...7mA, here it seems to me that I get the Sweet Spot. Anyway, I'm interested in all fet, even the ones with higher Idss, have lower gain, for experiments, possibly saturate the output transformer less.
Are there full instructions available for building Dany v1.1?
The body is smaller? with a headbasket of a different shape and size compared to the u87. Do the PCBs and screw holes fit in it? Are the switches adequate?
I have capsules from 3u, 797 and Takstar. By the way, I have the rest of the components, I have a lot, collected in decades of passion for electronics, but I am still interested in your offer. You can never have too many microphones (I think I have over 40..50 😀)
Since you know better what parts you offer in the package, please make an evaluation for the price.
Transport should not be a problem, geographically we are close.
Alles Gute!
attached pics of whats included.
fets are from reliabel source ( farnell iirc or maybe rs )
holes of body don't fit the pcb , but pcb fits perfect.
don't know if everthing you need to build is there , but it is way more than needed on many parts.


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Which project is the TG Zener limiter ? Are there any infos and documentation online ?
Hello, I am interested in the Dual LA2A stuf, can you send me a offer (PM) shipping to the Netherlands

Kind regards