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Oct 8, 2013

Im not sure this topic should be in Lab but i will give it a try. A couple of months ago i got a Huge L800 system from the east german manufacturer Kölleda for free. Its way too big and heavy but i couldn't refuse the offer.

The L800 were a 100V PA system found i schools and sport venues through out the GDR. Its built like a Tank and a showpiece in East German engineering. Most modules are (If amplified) Discreet class A with Transformer balanced input and outputs.

All in all these systems were way overkill for what they were used for.  The most known Module of the L800 series would be the MV810, the mic preamp of the unit.

If anybody out there have info or schematics to any of the more rare modules i would be more than happy to get a copy.

Sorry for bad spelling....

First Pic, this is the way it looks with the (Lockable) door closed. It has a lock and the window is there so you can check the vu (In my version a tube meter!)


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Please tell me to stop if this is of no interest... :)

Anyhow, this is the way it looks with door open. The modules are put back in in random order so some might make no sense where they are in the picture.

The loose ones are where the record player would be, even there it is a transformer for the input.


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Sadly i didn't take a photo of the back and the way it stands now i cant move it. The amount of cabels in the back is Insane...

My first focus will be the quite boring AE839/5 module. AE is short for "Ausgangs Einschub" and translates to Output module. This is the front of it, notice that the design use pictograms/symbols and minimal text.


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The modules are even with less inside quite heavy and as said built like tanks...


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The reson it looks so gritty is that i was standing in a barn for the last 25 years...


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The amount of work that has gone into the clean and tidy design of these modules and the system as  whole is amazing. It would not have been possible in the West due to the fact that they were simple PA systems. In the GDR someone just got free hands to design the best possible system service wise and engineer wise and this beast of overdesign was the result.

Here is the Output (?) transformer


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Yes, very interesting! Sadly I got none of these schemos.
But doesn't look like a too complicated circuit.

Maybe you can source some here.

I have never been to the archive myselfe.
But I would love to go someday. I have a bunch of questions left. :)

Inform me if you got any luck or are planing to go there.
Wow! Thank's Stephan!

I will go there as soon as i can, just telephoned with them.

The circuit is probably some standard Class A amplifier card that they use through out the system. I wouldn't be too surprised if they used it in the fader units and the MV810 too.

Why i would like to have info is that the Symbols/Pictograms are quite hard to understand on some of the units.


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Maybe you can find a part number on the PCB.
If you do not have luck in Berlin there is also an archiv in Frankfurt who might have schematics from East Germany.
I must have a note somewhere.
Please report back your findings.
And after some research through the Documents that i DO have about the L800 i now know that they used the same Amplifier cards in most of the stuff. So "Baustein A10 and B10" Are the two cards used. Both of them are in the MV810, probably A10 is a preamp card and B10 then main amp.
Most of these transformers, usual Funkwerk Leipzig, somtimes Kolleda, are really amazing.
I would definately change most of electrolytic capacitors (mostly should be Floryt brand).
I had some problems with it in some GDR equipment.
It's all 20V with + Ground. But i guess 24V would work ok too.

It's only Frolyts inside and when fixing any GDR equipment i don't even bother to switch them on before those horrible Caps are gone. The 4,7uF are 95% of the Times leaky.

There must be like 50 transformers in the cabinet all in all :)
Is there a phono stage in this setup ? Not sure if it would be riaa compatible  but i am suprised that all the GDR stuff i with a mains PSU has a 240v mains input option and says "Made  in the GDR". Did they export these units ?