Igor Passive Monitor Controller with optional talkback combiner: $600 - SOLD

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Nov 3, 2007
Denver, Colorado
For sale is a built and working Igor Monitor Controller. It is a passive, relay-based monitor controller. It was built well and functions perfectly. Cosmetically, it is in decent shape - there are some superficial scratches on the controller unit that are noticeable in certain light - I didn't really notice the scratches in practice in my studio, but I took a picture with lighting that exaggerates them so you can see what's there. I was quite happy with it - it is full featured and programmable, it has really greta resolution (I miss having 1-db steps on my new one), the remote is super classy-looking with the wooden side cheeks, and it provides the simplest possible form of adjustable attenuation between your source and your monitors. My one beef with the design is the lack of a mute - it does have a dim with programable attenuation (though you can't program it to completely cut). to mute you can turn it all the way down or switch to an unused input or output.  I am replacing it with the monitor controller that is built into my new console. 

Here are the features:

Passive, Balanced Soundpath
Audio Passing Thru Relays And Metal Film Resistors Only
4 Inputs (Selector 1 Of 4)
2 Speakers And Sub Out Selector
64 Steps Of 1 Db Level Controller
Mono, Dim, Talkback Functions
User-Definable Level Offsets On Every Input And Output
User-Definable Level Offsets For Mono, Dim And Talkback Controls
Separate Control And Audio Units
(Possible To Put Audio Box In Gear Rack And Control Unit On Table,
Best Ergonomically And Sound-Wise)
No Audio Going Thru 15-Pin Vga Cable, All Audio Is Kept Inside Rack Box
All connections on DB25 and TRS

See here for the original build thread: http://groupdiy.com/index.php?topic=30914.0

Email me at benjaminrthompson.mail at gmail if you are interested.


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