Is the Elam 251 a dead project?

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Jan 9, 2014
are those aputis capsule mounts?
can you consolidate a listing of the parts you have for sale?
Hello,yes those are Aputis mounts. I can lasercut the boards at the moment only. Turrets have standard M3 threads,but a wiring guide needed for assembly(I build a lot so know by heart now:)


Nov 13, 2008
Hi all,
I would like to build an Elam 251 clone but I can’t get responses from either Tim Campbell, Haun, vintagemicrophonepcbkit or Chunger about capsules, bodies or pcbs.
I know there are the Microphone parts kits and Mic&Mod is in Europe but they don’t seem as much high quality and I would really love it to be at least partially p2p.
The only alternative for me is the AMI C12 kit but without an upgraded capsule I don’t find it that much appealing, considering customs and shipping costs. I would really like to build a 251.

Is there anyone who successfully completed a build recently or is it a dead project?
It seems I am going through the same dilemma for over 6 months. I have reached out to Chunger through multiple different methods to no avail. I reached out to Tim Campbell regarding lead times for his capsules. After weeks waiting, there has always seemed to be an excuse in his messages to why he can not give me solid information. I tried reaching out to Dany @ vintagemicrophone, still no replies back from him as well. I even purchased a pcb a couple of days ago but have yet to receive a tracking number or anything but a paypal receipt. Matt at Microphone Parts was the only one out there that has been responsive, helpful and professional considering owning and operating both MicParts and Roswell. Solid products and service.

Look I get it, I understand that this maybe a side business for some of you and busy with other endeavors. But some of us would like to know if these store fronts are dysfunctional before making purchases and investing in such projects. Its only standard business ethics.
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Jun 8, 2005
midwest usa
welcome gearfreq?

yeah, no
good luck,
every source is flaky lately
online stores may accept orders, then when you inquire months later, there is some SNAFU or other
try OPR for capsule

you could post a WTB and throw out a currency #
might help if you indicate your geographical


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Dec 27, 2010
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Supply chain issues have made it a weird time to buy anything. As a buyer, there’s really little we can do but be patient.

With the more exacting niche parts, until someone sees enough motive to scale up these parts to a large degree at the quality we want, we kinda get what we get when we get it.

In a sense, I suppose we could be grateful that anyone is trying to make quality parts at all—it’d almost certainly be more profitable to sell large numbers of cheap parts