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For Sale New LA-610 Mainboard, faceplates and power transformer

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Sep 20, 2016
On a whim I bought some replacement parts for an LA-610 (one channel of UA 610 and an LA-2A circuit in a single enclosure) from David K a few years ago. Never going to get around to doing anything with it. David still has some of the "T4-UA" units he's selling (flat footprint T4 unit) here. I know I also have at least some of the front panel boards (phase, pad etc) somewhere in storage, and when I find them I'll offer them up to anyone who wants this stuff. But for now here's what I have. Plenty of photos floating around of the internals of the LA-610 that a skilled builder could refer to for what to do with this stuff.

One note: the power transformer is the original one used in both the dual 610 rack unit and the LA-610. But the connectors on it are the old bayonet style type rather than the molex female that the mainboard is built with. Easy enough to get a 9 pin molex connector and rewire it, but something to be aware of.

$250 for all of it OBO.



Gut shots from the web:

I haven’t connected them, but everything here is brand new from UA. David Kulka at Studio Electronics in California bought out most of UA’s replacement stock from what i understand as he does a good business in servicing UA products. These are factory replacement parts that have never been used.