Project 500 EQ from Soundcraft Series One / Two

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Jan 17, 2013
Hamburg Germany
Ok, concerning Series One, the preamps are a little flawed imo, full gain with
attenuator in front, still sounds nice but noisy, the eq is sounding sweet but has fixed frequency
points not very flexible, could be made switchable for 2-3 freq. points?

There are two versions of Series Two ::), one with opamps and one discrete, which is
close to Serie One, but has much quiter preamps, the eq points and circuit is also
a little different, but also fixed frequencies

At least two different types of transformers on Series One, don´t know about Two...

Runs at 40V, but can be used at 48V (comfortably) with the chunky transistors used.
2sa970 and 2sc2240 are good replacement types

For 500 style module one should think about how to implement balanced i/o.



Dec 9, 2014
mjrippe said:
The Series One console was famously used by dub reggae pioneer Lee Scratch Perry.  I had a pair of channel strips at one point and they included Sowter input transformers and an all discrete preamp.  Sounded very nice and as you say, the eq is smooth and hard to make offensive.  I racked them and sold them to a fellow who was supposed to be working with Perry on a project.  Perhaps you can name yours the LSP 500  ;)

Hi, yes thanks for your reply. I also was thinking about racking them. LSP 500 indeed a great name!

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