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Oct 18, 2009
Dorset, UK

Selling 4x partial kits for Igor Helios stepped EQ project.

Included in each kit : EQ pcbs (with resistors already soldered in), all capacitors for the EQ section, pcb mount rotary switches, toggle switches, molex connectors, 21182 preamp stage pcbs, 22113 output stage pcbs (my own design from the original schematics)
You need to buy : chassis, power supply, transformers, inductors (Carnhill will fit), dual deck switches for the bass control (Grayhill 71BD30-02-1-AJS or similar)

Please note one of the EQ pcbs has to be cut and the bass control hand wired. Igor made a mistake with the pcb design but with a little effort the correct switch can be fitted.

I have already built a stereo pair of these EQ with Lundahl I/O and it sounds great. Have been wanting to build more channels but I won't have the time in the near future.

I have all the documentation available for the project including detailed instructions on how to modify the EQ pcb.

Also available 2x Neve BA283 pcbs - Igor supplied these as an alternative for this EQ project but they can also be used for other Neve flavoured projects

Price request: £50 for a pair of EQ channels, £90 for the quad. BA283 pcbs £10 for the pair. Shipping and paypal fees at your charge

I cannot understand why but I cannot manage to upload the photos, if you are interested PM with your email and I will send them