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Jun 23, 2010
Alesis 3630 £60
Workhorse compressor as used by Daft Punk and loads of others

Alesis Microlimiter £50
Criminally under-rated smash compressor. This is great for pumping compression on breaks and drum rooms.
This one has got upgraded OP-amps so it’s sounds a bit more open than stock
Here are some video I found on Youtube

DBX 263 £60
Beautifully transparent de-esser. Easily my favourite and one I struggle to mimic in software. Always seemed to just work with minimum effort

Akai S900 £300
Classic vintage sampler. Has that warm Akai sound that thickens anything you put into it famous in countless hip hop and early rave music

Tascam MX80 £200
Great Tascam sub mixer. Seems to thicken and add weight to anything put through it like most Tascam stuff from this time

Waves Maxxbass hardware £100
Hardware version of the classic maxxbass plugin. Sounds exactly the same. But can also be used on hi-fi and car audio systems to increase bass

UAD-1 Card £50
Original UAD card, comes with the classic plugin suite. Check for more details

TC Electronic M-One £150
Great multi FX unit with a wide variety of effects

DIYRE Colour 500 series module £350
I have 2 of these for sale one light on one unit doesn’t work but it’s an easy fix it never bothered me as it’s obvious when they are in circuit.
These are cool little units and there are loads of extra cards which can be switched in for a wide variety of flavours
Priced individually

Pultec cases £350
I have 2 of these cases which come with matching bakelite knobs
Perfect for a DIY project or as posh rackfillers if you like
Check out DRIP electronics for the kit to fill them

Gates Panel £100
Mad cool. I bought this with the intention of building a preamp with it but I never got round to it. I believe it was taken from an old gates vinyl lathe.

36u Rack with computer shelf £400
This is a custom rack which was built for me by John at around 2-3 years ago
It's made up of 2 slanted bays, a drawer for a computer and a smaller shelf above the computer
The 2 bays are 14u each but they have 4u each on the back. I used those for power distribution units. There is a hole in between the 2 bays for running cables.
The computer shelf pulls out so you can get to the back of your machine and there is a shelf just above it which I used for external drives.
The rack is on castors so it's easy to move around but it's solid so it won't move on it's own.  It's fitted with steel rack strips which are recessed 12mm from the front edge.
The measurements of the rack are:
51" width
22" deep
31" height
The computer drawer is 9 3/4" wide and the distance from the computer drawer to the higher draw is 21 1/4"
I paid £543 for this and it's a one of a kind unit so the price reflects that. I will listen to sensible offers on it though
There's a chip on the veneer on the left side.  For me it was never an issue because of where it is in the room.

14ru rack £150
Slanted rack, MDF construction with real wood veneer in walnut.  It was built for me by studio racks and cost £236

11ru rack with adjustable top £200
This is a custom built slanted rack, MDF construction with real wood veneer in walnut.  It was built for me by studio racks and cost £280
The top has an adjustable cutout which I used for a Technics 1210 deck and later an MPC 2500. it will fit most table top devices.

If someone wanted the 3 racks together I can do them for £650. They were over £1000 new

Neutrik Patchbays £40
I’ve got 2 of these for sale. Hardly used. Rugged high quality 48pt patchbays on 1/4” TRS
Not a lot to say about these, they just work
The bits of tape in the pictures are holding on 2 small panels which come with the patchbays but aren’t attached. I’m not really sure why they are there but I suppose it has saved them from rack rash
2 available. Priced per unit

Redco Bantam 96pt patchbay £300
Probably the best quality patchbay on the market at the moment, I have 2 of them and I paid $500 each. They have 96 bantam sockets on the front in 8pt groups which correspond to DB25 connections on the back. There are also various options for grounding and normalling which can be switched via jumpers on the top of the unit
1 left

Little labs redcloud attenuator £200
This is an 8 channel attenuator which I used after preamps which don’t have an output pot or anything else without controls. A great tool for proper gainstaging
Connections are on db25 sockets which I had connected up to my patchbay
This thing is solid and built really well and doesn’t colour the signal at all
It has one knob missing I never had this, the guy I bought it from said he would send it and never did. it never bothered me but I can probably source a new knob for you if needs be

Coleman CMC4 £500
One of the highest quality monitor controls available. Like anything Coleman it’s built like a tank with the highest quality components
It has 4 source options and a sub level control and mute
I used it alongside a Coleman MS6R to give me a 4 in 6 out monitor control
This is in mint condition

Coleman MSR6 £500
One of the highest quality switchers available. Like anything Coleman it’s built like a tank with the highest quality components
it has 6 switchable outputs
I used it alongside a Coleman CMC4 to give me a 4 in 6 out monitor control
This is in mint condition


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