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Trade Harrison PP1 console.

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Sep 17, 2015
I have Harrison post production (pp1) desk that came from universal studios, it was 1/4 of a monster setup they had on thier main soundstage.

My mother wants it out of her garage. Haha! I had dissasembled it to move it here, pretty straight forward as far as the modules go, would have to build complex power supply and redo the ins and outs,

24x8 + I had it operational about 7-8 years ago, about 4 years ago I took it down, and it’s been sitting under a blanket.

there are probably threads with pictures of me asking questions about it from back then, here or on sluts and tape op.

No power supply anymore. I do have the giant power one modules I used, I can throw those in too, you would just have to have balls to design the giant power supply.

No mic pres at all on this desk, it never had any.

it has martech Neve flying faders but they don’t fly. No computer. Still great faders.

Amazing eq, 4 bands fully parametric. And shelf’s.

Has Bunch of spare parts and modules.

still has stickers from universal studios property lot.

It weighs as much as a car, either 4 guys or disassemble it, need a truck or a van. I’ll help. And explain what’s what.

Trade me for something I will use, literally anything, or just come take it, if you promise not to part it out and are local.

I could probably part it out, but I don’t have the time or the desire to do that. It would be amazing if someone ran with it.

Deep San Fernando valley. Hit me up. I would hate to part it out, but the eqs on the channels alone are worth it, it’s everything Harrison is known for, but instead of 3 parametric, this rare desk has 4band, AND high and low shelf.

I can also scrounge up schems and any paperwork downloads I have, it was really easy to rack a module, each channel is electronic balanced, on the ins and outs if I remember correctly, also has 2 selectable ins per. There’s probably 100 little Harrison amp cards underneath.


I am looking for someone to take over the dream.


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If you just google Harrison PP1, there’s a few guys that did better than me with them. I did have it running, but the power supply that I built was redonkulous.

There’s tons of good parts here.

The plan was to put In 8 Jensen/Harrison mic pres… it never happened. The studio I had going is king closed.

I learned a lot on this desk, I’ll even throw in a bunch of TT patch bays.

My “studio” days are over.

Help me clean this up.
Found the schematics. Most of what you would need, plus every other thing I could find from other Harrison desks of the era. image.jpg
I love my Harrison 4 series. The eq’s and summing are killer.i bet this sounds great.