GSSL American BOM/parts questions
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OK so I'm a newbie around here, and have spent hours going through posts, but I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Hopefully this post is in the right place. I downloaded Gregs GSSL BOM and it has been very helpful, thanks Greg!  There are a couple of things I have questions about.

1) the 78L12/79L12 are obsolete items at digikey, there are a few 79L12's left but 0 78L12's.  What would be a suitable replacement?  Just another brand of 78L12's?  would this one work?

2) Which trim pots are the ones used for trimming the VCA's?  Are they the 50K 5x10mm.  If so are they not needed if you are using the 2180 vca's?

3) Since any project I've ever done has used mouser or digikey as suppliers, are there any other good ones for Nichion caps in the USA?  Or is there a suitable replacement for the sidechain caps on the optional board?  One of them is BO'd until the end of september.

4) I also noticed when comparing Gyrafs BOM to Gregs USA BOM that Gyrafs uses all metal film resistors with 1%  and Gregs has some that are carbon film 5%,  will that make much of a differance or anything I should be aware of?  Is there somehwere I can get all the metal film resistors?

5) Last but not least, can anybody reccomend where to get the small stuff , like PCB holders/risers/mounting solutions for mounting the PCBs in the rack, or what type of wire I should use for this project? Do I need 22 guage or sheilded, maybe ribbon cables? Should I have multiple colors, etc. Or is there anything else I may have overlooked that isn't included in the BOM.

I'm just trying to be as knowledgable as possible and learn as much as I can.  I appreciate the help of this forum and please go easy on me, this is my first big project.


GSSL American BOM/parts questions
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Hey byoung,
welcome to the forum..
I'll try to answer some of the questions here, but be aware of the search features as well as the metas.


1) I'm pretty sure if its a 78l12 it will work..
try this one from mouser - 511-L78L12ACZ

2) not need if using 2180s.

3) just find another one from mouser or digikey.  It shouldn't be two hard. Let me know which one you are looking for.  If I have some extras I'll send them to you.

4) It shouldn't matter at all.. Just get whatever you can.  I only used 1% metal film on mine.  But I have to get few carbon because of availability.

5) Any wire should work, (whithin reason). I have a part number for the one I used some where.  Just PM me and I'll send it you.
As far as stand-offs and such, you can find them at mouser.

good luck and remember the metas..

take care

GSSL American BOM/parts questions
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Also for small stuff like wires, IEC connectors, switches, ribbon cable, fuses, etc. Jameco is really good (   They have 100 foot spools of twisted pair 24 AWG stranded wire for $5.49.  It comes in black/white, red/white and green/white.  I use it all the time, and it's great for hooking up everything.

GSSL American BOM/parts questions
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Why is it not used when using 2180's?


GSSL American BOM/parts questions
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Hey Tubemonkey..
this topic has been covered quite extensively on the meta and the big SSL Help thread.  But I'll be nice and answer:  
The 2180 are pretrimed in manufacturing.  That is why you have to leave out the trim pot, 1m resistor, 68k and one of the 10K resistors.  read the meta and you will have a pretty detailed explanation of this..
take care


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