I really like Osh Park
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Not the cheapest alternative but not expensive either. Just recently I ordered some boards and I was expecting a 2 to 3 week turnaround time.  A day after ordering they informed me they had room on the express board and they put my boards on their free of cost.  From when I uploaded the design to them ending up in my mailbox was 5 days.  That's really awesome.
They (well Jenner)  has also been generous with their help on uploading gerbers and cam processing in general.  They are just nice folks and so far all my dealings have been top notch.
If there's a harder way to do this, I haven't found it yet.


Re: I really like Osh Park
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Thanks. God tip.

Jakob E.
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Re: I really like Osh Park
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I've used them once and it was a good experience.  Good quality.  A good choice for small quantity small size pcbs.

Just one note,  on the boards I got there were remnants of the breakout tabs on the board. Something to be aware of if you need a perfectly flat edge,  you need to trim these yourself.


Re: I really like Osh Park
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Me too. I use them for all my protos and usually feel a little sad that I can't really afford to do a run of 50 with them. Quality's really good but the best part is that you can share projects for other people.
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