Neve 1095 fq response problems
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Hello all,

We're trying to service a Neve 1095 module, we've got a few put into a sidecar with a fader installed. With the EQ out the fq response is flat, with the EQ in and all bands at 0, its about 15dB down at 20kHz. Its a common problem across about 3 of the modules. Can anyone think of any reason for this? Or does anyone have a schematic for these modules to help with diagnosing the root of the fault?



Re: Neve 1095 fq response problems
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I don't know specifically about the 1095, but on some other modules I have serviced the high/low pass filter switch has caused similar issues.  Check that the two screws that hold the rotary switch decks together are tight and that contacts are clean.

Re: Neve 1095 fq response problems
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Will check this out next week, cheers!