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It's never easy when you hear of a persons loss, It's harder when it was someone you know.  :'(

I can't think of anyone  on here from my home town other then me and  with that I doubt any of you would have known him but a good man and close friend of my dad shuffled off the earth last night.  Art was originally hired by my dad into the school district  to teach/ be the band director  for the junior high school as well as work as an assistant band director specializing in woodwinds at the then only high school in town to my dad who was the lead band director at that time. As  the school district grew Art became the lead band director of the first high school in town replacing my dad while my dad moved into director of fine arts for our school district.
 For 40 years Art taught music to countless numbers of kids often leading them to take careers in teaching music and many more being supporters of the school districts music programs for life.  A member of phi beta mu the bandmasters frat and inductee of the  Texas bandmasters  hall of fame he often had students who would place in the top tier at music competitions.  He was so dedicated to teaching that when he once fell off a high podium during marching practice breaking a leg, he got right up and tried to walk towards the kids to explain something.  Even after he retired he would still visit the band halls often as a guest clinician with the local high school bands. 
He will be missed by the many who were lucky enough to know him.
For those that did not know him  this a reminder to thank those who encouraged you and supported you in your endeavors, especially your teachers.  As always this is a reminder spend time or talk to people who are close,  you never know when they are going to be gone.
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Sorry to hear.  It's good to write these remembrances, further the legacy in spirit.  RIP. 

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Yes. Sorry about your loss.

Thanks for sharing your memories....

He touched many many lives! Wow!



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Yes,  we remember folks who pass and tell stories because they mean much to you.
40 years of a school band averaging 300+ kids a year.  While it was not all new kids each year, it gives a rough idea on the numbers.

As for the band program when he and my dad both worked it and after when my dad moved into the director position  and he moved into lead the kids went on tour,  twice to Europe, Canada, Mexico and through out the u.s. Performing concerts and competition.

Imagine arranging 300 kids, Chaperones and band directors to tour Europe. Would be hard to do then, even harder now.

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You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I'll tell you what his 'pinions is.

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That was a truly dedicated man, Pucho.  My condolences.


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