Re: Behringer B2 Pro mods?
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Nah, I ended up just taking the capsule out to keep for awhile and maybe put into something else.   While I prefered the sound something about it just didn't feel right about it was responding to sound.   I ended up getting rid of a lot of gear that had been lying around, tons of mics, mostly cheap stuff like es57's.  I ended up buying a blue baby bottle after borrowing one from my coworker.  It's pretty much the perfect mic for me.   

Hope you get your capsule thing figured out, I just kinda gave up because I realized that I could mod the thing until the end of time but never really be happy with it. 

Re: Behringer B2 Pro mods?
« Reply #41 on: April 10, 2019, 09:41:46 AM »
Bumping because I still haven't done anything with the mic. If I wanted to upgrade the transistors which *easily available* ones would be good to lower the self noise?

I'm actually just trying to sell the mic right now. I might set some time aside to swap the capsules and possibly transistor.

EDIT: Only one transistor in the mic. Replacing this with a lower noise FET should help self noise a bit right?
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Re: Behringer B2 Pro mods?
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Green is the k47 we mention here, Red is Dave Pearlman k47, Blue is Dale's M7.
Are your measurements in Cardioid, Figure 8, or Omni? I'm considering ordering some of iSK's K47 capsules, and I want to know what to expect.

Re: Behringer B2 Pro mods?
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All measurements are cardioid.


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