Re: Warm Audio WA84
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I am prety sure Guosheng would sell this capsule. Just ask for most km84 like.

However i am interrested if the backplate has grid grooves pattern, which is key to km84 off axis response.

I am afraid it would be regular sdc copy with circular groove pattern like in all other capsules originating from that region, including Røde (NT3 for example).


Re: Warm Audio WA84
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I am actually working on a comparison video on an acoustic guitar between a KM84 clone with the 3u capsule, a modified MXL 603 circuit with the stock capsule, a beyerdynamic MC930 and a Neumann KM184.


Modified 603 sounds harsh and kind of plasticy in the top end.   For the money you can buy these for, a decent mic, but it sounds pretty bad in comparison.

KM184 sounds very clear - present and bright top end but no harshness.  Noticeably bright and detailed, but very usable.

Beyer MC930 also sounds very clear, but has more weight to it in comparison to the KM184.  Also no harshness or anything sour/off sounding.

KM84 clone with 3u has even more weight to it than the beyer, with a subdued "woody" high end, and a weighted bass.  It sounds very good and "vintage" in comparison to the KM184

All 3 of these sound pro and would not stand in the way of a top notch production.  The MXL603 is not in the same league. 

However, if you put the 3u capsule on the 603, it actually sounds very close to the beyer.

This is the 3U capsule:

Re: Warm Audio WA84
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There is something wrong about the capsule you posted. That capsule is marked as an cardioid, but it has to be omni because of the backplate.
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Re: Warm Audio WA84
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I noticed that too.
Strange, there are vents in the capsule head, but it seems the back of the capsule itself is closed.
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Re: Warm Audio WA84
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I just listened to the clips posted on the Zen Pro Audio Clipalator where they compare the WA84 to a KM84.  I know you should take this sort of thing with a grain of salt, but the WA84 was a real disappointment on every test.  On each test, the KM84 had a vibrant, detailed midrange that wasn't there with the WA84.  Also, you the off axis room bleed on the WA84 contributes to a cloudy, tubby sound.

I was shocked how off the Warm mic sounded because I've heard the WA87  and it isn't that far off from a U87.  It's a tad different, but I've never heard it and thought "dull" or "cheap".

Maybe they got a bad one?


Re: Warm Audio WA84
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I don't think the metal piece is sealed against the backplate.  These capsules sound consistent with each other and very good in comparison with Neumann in my KM184 and Beyerdynamic in my MC930.

Also, here is the Hypercardioid capsule I have from 3u:


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