A more human sounding guitar chorus sound recordings (a little demo video)

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Apr 7, 2015
I had a friend over the other day who said he really liked the chorus sound on one of the guitars in a recording I was working on.

This is a simple technique that most people here probably already know about, but some people need the reminder that a little extra work can give you something that sounds similar but has a lot more humanity and less cheese. I also show a few variations of the sound even if you're used to multi-tracking instead of using a chorus pedal.

I'm using one of my guitar pedal designs in the video. Also one of the FET preamps that I put up on OSH Park as an open project (I should double check if I posted the gerbers here actually ...), but I really want to stress that this is just technique and not really gear, and a lot of times I do this with plugins so there aren't even pedals involved.


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