Acryl thread and screw locking solutions

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Jan 28, 2015
I have a little problem with my M49 build.
I've build it like the original with three acryl pillars with threads inside. These get screwed to the PCB with a screw from the bottom of the PCB. And then I screw brass pillars on top as the capsule connections.
The question is, how can I "lock" the screw which fixes the acryl pillar to the PCB? Neumann seems to have used some kind of glue.
It is a 4mm acryl pillar where I drilled an M2 thread. So there is not much material left...
I tried to use acryl glue but the pillar cracked. I think because the glue somehow expands while drying...
Do you know of any solution which does not expand and locks the metal screw? Sounds counterproductive as that's probably how screw locking solutions work, right? By expanding and filling the gaps between screw and thread.