Lowering self-noise of Sennheiser e614? (Bought CM4’s instead)

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Dear friends,

Thanks for the good word and clarification. I do trust my ears, but have also relied on response graphs in order to approximate a neutral starting point for my first couple mics (and monitoring equipment). Finding something flat and natural was more or less to avoid all of the exaggerated budget offerings and have a solid and affordable basis for at least mild corrective EQ. So thank you and the others again for suggesting the CM4.

And yes, I’m familiar with the “unpopular” terms and have no problem using them myself because they can be helpful. I’m also painfully aware that to some people “clarity” and “openness” can sometimes really just mean overt harshness and sibilance (possibly from listening too loud too often), and a legitimately neutral frequency response might be described by others as being “veiled”…reason enough to keep my ears trained, and listen for myself. I also think checking my ears against a response graph can be a helpful part of that too. At least for monitoring. But as you said, for mics that doesn’t always tell the full story on “resolution”..so I’ll live and continue to learn :)

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Before making any conclusions I would grab something like a Schoeps MK4 or the wide cardioid capsule (ideally with a slightly older body like the CMC5) and throw it and the CM4 on the exact same performance, spaced the same, then gain match them and compare raw and EQ'd samples.
btw, this is pretty much what I did on a daily basis ;)

I have wondered about the e614 for years. Seems very useful and inexpensive. I've always thought about toms and cymbal spots for them.

The e614 seemingly had a predecessor:

To my ear the MKH 80xx's are more natural sounding than the Schoeps/Neumann equivalents.

Separately, soundman "ppm6.tv" on Youtube has some interesting comparisons of many of the various usual suspects and some rarities as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC--JRPkro6Q92rbmEt7MP3w/videos



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Wow, that schematic shows an IMHO pretty complicated way to obtain 7.5 volts for the main circuit!
Strange that the gain of the FET stage is only 0.5 dB
1 nF feedback between drain and gate is something you don't often see.