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Nov 28, 2019
Hey gear geeks,

can anyone of you smart people go over this idea? My smooth brain doesn’t know how to implement this idea correctly.
So i have a great studer clone with insert points on its 6 channels which are used with a stereo/trs connector for both return and send. The signal is therefore unbalanced.
Now I got my hands on 6x Lundahl 1527s which I intend to use for balancing these insert points, thus feeding them as direct outs into my AD converter for recording purposes.
So far, so good. However I would also like to use this “balancing box” consisting of the Lundahls for mixing, when I finally sum the recorded tracks into my board for final mixdown. I’ve read a lot about how and why old neve desks sound the way they do. Basically one sound passes through about 7-11 transformers before getting printed to tape and going back through the same amount again for mixdown. Those are two trips through large quantities of iron.
I want to build on that idea and use a similar signal path on my little studer clone. The idea would be to run the unbalanced signal of each channel out to the tranny and back in, thus adding flavour over 6 channels. I would like to use my TT patchbay for this, which has the option of half normalling signals. It is an old Neutrik patch bay with individual soldering points.
What I would want is to have it normalled so the inserts the mixer do a roundtrip and run back into the mixer. As a secondary option I would want to add the option of connecting 6 cables and that making the direct outs connect to the AD converter.
Is this possible? I am pretty decent with the soldering iron now and also open to mod ideas of both patchbay and a potential secondary box if needed.
Thank you for reading.

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