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Sold Apogee Element 88 (8ch preamp/interface)

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Oct 26, 2013
Hello and thanks for looking. I am selling an Apogee Element 88 audio interface. It features 8 channels of excellent conversion and mic preamps. Very high gain, with practically no noise. Easily enough for an SM7 with no Cloudlifter or any of that stuff. These 8 inputs double as line in. It also features a fantastic low latency monitoring solution. It also has 4 separate monitor mixes available, as well as the ability to track with reverb/fx.

The unit features,

8 inputs
8 adat inputs
4 outputs
8 adat outputs
2 separate headphone outs.

If you use logic, this is the interface to have. It has very tightly integrated functions and the two work seamlessly together. The only reason I'm selling it is I've found myself with a 32 channel flagship Apogee Symphony 2 system here on long term loan. Otherwise I would have used this happily for a decade. The Element series was independently tested over on audiosciencereview and the converters, line I/O, and headphone amp performed excellently.

I would like to get $550

PS, I also have the Apogee Ad/Da16x units that I was using via adat, which can expand this unit to 16 in, 12 out. I will sell these for half their going price on eBay if purchased as a package.

PPS, it is in excellent condition. Includes original box etc. You will not find better.

Thanks for looking!!!


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