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FS: 1940/50's RCA BE-1A (SOLD)

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Feb 3, 2019
RCA BE-1A Passive EQ. (selling for my wife)

Email me at [email protected] for full set of images.

I am having issues sizing my images for GDIY.

Below is a link for a BE-1A from a ebay seller.


Please make us a resonable offer.

Found this info from Folie Audio

"1940's passive RCA BE1A presence equalizers - supposedly the predecessor of the EMI RS 135 presence EQ. These are excellent for boosting the high/mid frequency response in combination with KU-2A/KU-3A/44BX ribbons and 1940's RCA BA-11A preamplifiers.

These EQ's allow you to add variable boost at 15,000 Hz and change that curve by cutting either at 10,000 or 15,000 Hz. According to the RCA data sheet over 1,000 different curves are possible with these controls. With the huge inductors and massive custom wound RCA input/output transformers (similar in size/quality to UTC LS30's) these EQ's are by far the heaviest of all the vintage passive program EQ's I've owned. Unlike the later Altec/Langevin/Cinema Engineering program EQ's these are fully transformer balanced on the input and output. Frequency response of 30-15K means these are suitable for use on your mix/drum buss for adding a nice presence boost and subtle inductor/transformer saturation. When used in between two fixed gain amplifier stages the 20 step attenuator (3db per step) on these EQ's allow you to trim the output level of the EQ so that it doesn't overload the next stage - avoiding the need for a fixed pad on the input of your makeup gain amplifier as you'd need with a Langevin 251A/258A or Cinema Engineering/Hycor 4301. "