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Mar 3, 2010
I am sorting through my many boxes of collected DIY bits, salvaged components, PCBs and odd audio and broadcast remains that I collected over the years. All items are shipped via DHL from Hamburg.
I will update the list periodically.
Feel free to pick and choose :)

The list (photos in next post):

2x LAWO w995/6 and 1x LAWO w995/3, all 8-bandfully  discrete inductor EQs plus 19" 1RU frame and two connectors
They are almost identical, just the 995/6 have a +6dB peak indicator and seem a bit newer.

This are maybe the best and rarest LAWO EQs, unfortunately I never got around to using them.
I did test them and they sounded wonderful, but they have developed some issues, mostly due to their aged relays:

The cream-colored w995/3 is fully functional, JUST the relay seems to have gotten sticky. It doesn't close/open unless I tap on it.
The same applies for one of the w995/6 - the amphenol relay seems to have stopped working.
The other w995/6 only passes the low-end, like a hi-cut at around 200Hz.
I do have some (used) spare relays of the same brand/make , but did not get around to testing them.

I assume all of these issues are easily fixed, the full schematics are included as well, I just don't have the time anymore to deal with these kind of things.

There is a seller on the bay who is selling those Amphenol relays here: http://www.ebay.de/itm/252270568041?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

But I wonder if it wouldn't be best to skip the relay alltogether in this circuit?

Either way, these are amazing, very vintage sounding EQs once they work, so they're definitely worth the effort.

I also have a matching frame plus mating connectors which I can add if needed.

Price-wise I have no idea, as they need some work. Fully functional modules go for around 200-250. It's three modules, one could also be used for spares etc.
So please make me a reasonable offer.
Thanks :)

Pics in next post!

10x NOS Vintage ELMA knobs 28mm with black caps and pointers
For 6mm pots.
(photo in next post)
make offer

24x NOS Vintage ELMA bare knobs 28mm - w/o markers/caps
just the knobs, no pointers/markers or caps. For 6mm pots.
offers please.

2x PCB Grinder "Little MS" MS Encoder & Decoder PCBs plus VariPSU board
Still sealed - sold

2x Helios 69 PCB set by Ian Bell V1 plus PSU and Line AMP
2xHelios 69 V1 PCB, 1x PSU PCB,  1x EZ Mixer Twin Line Amp V1 PCB

Rare german Elliptic 90° Filter Eurocard module with Haufe transformers - untested
Never tried it out, as there were no schematics and I did not have time to trace things.
25 Euro

Siemens V275/0 Summing Amp incl. mating connector
untested but very clean inside.

Lot of 14 Siemens Paper In Oil capacitors
4x 2uF / 250v - dimensions (W x H x D): 3cm x 3,3cm x 2,5cm
1x 1uF / 250v / 5% - dimensions: 4,5cm x 5,4cm x 1,5cm
1x 1uF / 600v / 10% - dimensions 3cm x 3,3cm x 3cm
1x 4uF / 160v / 10% - dimensions 3cm x 3c,3m x 3cm
1x 1uF / 400v / 10%  - dimensions 3cm x 3,3cm x 2,5cm
4x 2uF / 600v / 10% - dimensions: 4,5cm x 5,4cm x 2cm
1x 0,5uF / 400v / 20% - dimensions 3cm x 3,3cm x 1,5cm
1x 0,5uf / 160v - dimensions 3cm x 3,3cm x 1cm
offers please

NOS Military Eurocard module with huge inductors and large F&G Styroflex caps
make offer

Siemens frame stuffed with inductors and Siemens Styroflex cards, plus rotary switches
Says Siemens Funktechnik - I have no idea what it was for, probably from an antenna?
Make offer

4 x male and 3 x female "Gross Tuchel" XLR connectors
Came from a broadcast facility here in Hamburg where they were used with Telefunken M15 machines.

Pair of Telefunken ECC86 Tubes SEALED NOS
offer please

Eurocard Extender Module
Great for servicing Consoles etc.
Make Offer

Rare military wirewound resistors
Were used in aviation - these look beautiful!
Offers please

Lot of Film-Caps, some rare
Lots of Good-All caps, 2 Mundorf MKP 4.7 uF / 630v, some sprague orange drops (0.1uF), larger Wimas and some yellow polyprop film caps 1uF. Those three small good-all caps are .0068uF. The other values can be seen in the photo (next post).
15 Euro for the lot.

Payment via paypal, shipping via DHL.
Feel free to ask me any questions  :)

Photos follow in the next post!



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Well-known member
Mar 3, 2010
Here are the photos!

LAWO W995/6 and W995/3 EQs






NOS ELMA pointer knobs


NOS ELMA knobs bare


Elliptic 90° Filter



Siemens Summing Amp



Paper In Oil capacitors



Inductor Eurocard Module


Siemens frame with inductors




Grosstuchel XLR


VU Meters


Telefunken ECC86 Tubes


Eurocard Extender


Rare wirewound resistors

Rare film-caps



Well-known member
Jun 3, 2004

How about 100 Euro for the Elma knobs?

My email address is rogydoggy(at)telenet(dot)be


Best Regards, Rogy