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Jun 22, 2004
Lansing, MI
Hi friends,

I haven't posted here in awhile because I've been too busy for DIY. I have a new daughter (four months old), my wife decided not to go back to work so I am the sole breadwinner now (scary!), my father died unexpectedly in May, which sucks, but one blessing is he left me his piano technician business, which I had been apprenticing under him for the past year or so in order to eventually take the helm, and amid all that I managed to record and release a new record with my trio, organissimo.

This project is a first for me. I have never tracked a full CD's worth of material before and I'm really proud of how it came out. I could not have done it without the help and knowledge I found here. I used my 8 channel Quad Eight CA-137 based preamps on kick, snare, toms, organ bass, and one track of guitar amp. I used a pair of Audio Technica ATM450 mics going through the JLM Dual 99v preamp (Lundahl input transformers) for my overheads. Wow! Great sound! I also used the tube mod'd MXL 603s mics on drums (hi-hat and a third snare) and acoustic guitar. Royer mod'd MXL 2001 on the Leslie lower rotor.

The CD is all original songs. Samples can be heard on the Big O Store, our CDBaby page, or on iTunes.




It was tracked by me in my basement studio (with 7' ceilings) but mixed and mastered by Glenn Brown on his beautiful 1978 Neve 8068 and his collection of lovely analog outboard gear. I think it sounds really nice.

Oh, and it was recorded totally old-school: Everyone in the same room, no headphones, no isolation, no bullshit. You mess up, we start again. It was a blast!

I'd love to know what y'all think.

good to see you are doing well.

I'll be picking up a copy.I bought your earlier recording ( with Peaches en Regalia ) but ended up leaving it in my buddies car a few days later. I really dig the sound
Sounds great! Checked out your studio pictures on youtube. Looks a bit like my own basement studio. Wish I had similar results to show for it :oops:
Great work! I'll recommend the album to some friends.
Thanks! I've been struggling with that room for years. The single biggest difference I made was treating it acoustically. I have 703 in place of every other panel in the drop ceiling and bass traps in each corner. I also built a "ghetto diffuser" on the wall in front of the drums, which helped quite a bit.
UP because Groovadelphia just hit #1 on the CMJ jazz charts. CMJ tracks airplay for college radio stations nationwide.

The album is doing really well and was recorded with some serious DIY'age. :)
Thank you. We're very proud. We're looking forward to the review coming out in the Dec. issue of Downbeat. Hopefully it's a positive one! :)