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For Sale JLM Baby Animal Preamp cards (x8)

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Potato Cakes

Well-known member
Jul 1, 2014
Nashville, TN
I changed out my 8 channel JLM Audio BA preamp unit with BAD cards, so now I'm selling the unused BA cards. They will need switches, DOAs, and input transformers. I am including the 10k Rev Log pots that will be needed for gain control. These are currently set up to be used with Lundahl 1538s and any DOA that can handle +/-24V (I was using APP Studio 992s). All eight can be powered from a single +48V SMPS. Minus all the parts listed above, all of the these cards work perfectly. These preamps have sounded fantastic on anything I threw at them.

$150 shipped lower 48 states. Open to offers.


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