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Sep 30, 2004
Sydney, Australia.
This is a meta-thread, made to allow you to keep track of the posts concerning this single issue - I will continue re-editing this first post.

- All should be contained in this first post - which is re-edited regularily.

- Everyone is welcome to reply with comments and pointers to things they consider relevant. This will be copy/pasted into the first post.

- On a regular basis, we delete all posts but the first, and bumps it to the top.

Forum Links
9K PSU transformer question/problem - By Rob Flinn. Great PSU infomation about obtaining 18v & 15v required to run the SSL 9k preamp
MAT-02/Mat-04 Source Discussion and Comparison - Started by jeroddumas
How Does it Sound? - Svart's reply about why the 9K is a nice little project.
Completed 9K Boards and Parts Infomation - By Neeno, It includes infomation on cap's and heatsinking.
SSL 9000 Design Background - By uk03878. It contains some nice background infomation about the SSL 9000 series with an external link to comments straight from the designer Andy Millar.
Gain switch for 9k mic pre????? - By jeroddumas. Wiring Diagram and Resistor Values for the SSL 9K gain switch thanks to PRR
Cap Question for SSL 9k - By jeroddumas, contains infomation on alternative parts and there sources.
SSL 9K DC Coupling Comparison - By Volta, Outlining the possible differences between Keith's DIY design and the real thing in regards to DC coupling/servo based design.
9K Power Transformer Question - By jeroddumas, regarding an appropriate transformer for the job.
Another SSL 9K nearing completion - This time the work is by jeroddumas
Troubleshooting background hiss in the 9K - Possible remedies for Neeno's noise problem
Gustav's DIY PCB's for sale - Great quality work, each set includes SSL mainboard, one psu board and one balancing board

External Links
The DIY SSL 9k Homepage from its creator Keith (Aka SSLtech)
Parts List, Layout and Schematic for the 9K project - Provided by Neeno, includes the required infomation for the PSU and Balancing card.
SSL9K comparison - Thanks to Neeno.

I couldn't find one so i made one... hope you guys don't mind!
The first link does not exists ...

"Gustav's DIY PCB's for sale" was updated to
[quote author="Sammas"]
Gustav's DIY PCB's for sale - Great quality work, each set includes SSL mainboard, one psu board and one balancing board[/quote]

Thread is gone.

I think it's replaced by this one here:
With Gustav's 9K pcb sale this may be a good time to update
some links [ i notice some like boms & lists are dead , not to
mention pix as well ]

Anyone ? tia regards Greg
I think it's time also to release and updated BOM and Parts list.

Neeno did a great job at the beginning with his Document.
but there's some mistakes and missing components that could be already documented.
navigating through the forum, you see the same questions coming over and over again.

I'm doing a new BOM, and would like to release an update to the Neeno document, if he's fine with it.

Are the Mat 12's going to be compatible, and will they require any changes if they are?  Any firm word on the availability date?  I have 4 I'd like to build, as well.
Reformated/updated BOM with Farnell++ parts list

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