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I friend of mine who worked in analog engineering built his own DIY steel guitar... It didn't look pretty but it sounded fine.

I made a Fender lap steel into a pedal steel in my apartment in about 1971. Living in West Sac, going to school at UC Davis, working in a library in North Highlands, and playing bass in a country rock band with a steel player weekends in Grass Valley. I thought (and still do) that the pedal steel sound is the greatest in the world, but couldn't afford one so made one. It was ugly and kludgy, but sounded OK. Had to leave it in Orange CA in a move several years later (by that time I was married and had furniture and appliances that had to be moved - no room in the uhaul for that shitty looking instrument).

went to Davis in 73, 74, they had a wine tasting class and a class in altered states of

consciousness, which are related i guess,

the guy use to lecture in the lotus position and there were a lot of freaks and hippies enjoying the class, how did this bold thing get turned on?
I have Hiwatt 200 and 100W models ,
The Marshall looks a bit of a mess compared to Hiwatts ultra neat wire dress and board layout ,
Also note the sepperate board for the two HT rails and bias adjustments .