P96DI & A72DI - Passive and Active Di Boxes in Business Card Format

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Jan 11, 2018
As the designer of the original DI2 and all its successors, I will say I'm not particularly proud of being the subject of "the sincerest form of flattery", particularly by someone that made a butchery of it.
All the points you mention indicate an utter absence of understanding of how it should work from the person who plagiarised it. I pity the people who buy the kit and find themselves with an unusable product.
There are so many mistakes I won't waste my time explaining them and how to fix them.
Caveat emptor.
The number of times I’ve had “custom designs” come across my bench to fix because the builder didn’t understand the circuit they stole or how to troubleshoot it, so the client is on the hook for my repair/modification bill too.

That Kevin has the balls to get all passive aggressive with Whoops with his “figure it out for yourself smart guy!” Comment when he himself so clearly has no idea what he’s doing is rather hilarious tho.

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Jan 22, 2008
Hi Jean Luc, I didn't know you designed the DI2, is the original the LA Audio or was the original released by another brand?
I designed the original in 1975, whilst at Barclay Studios. It had no pad, no gain, no ground lift and used LM308's, since TL0's were quite a novelty. Only about a dozen were made, since they were for in-house use. Due to the weird phantom arrangement in the API desk, I had to use these low-power opamps.
The first commercial incarnation came in 1978, under the SCV name. Of course it used TL0's and had all the switches.
When SCV acquired the rights to the LA Audio name, all the products were marketed under the new name and manufacturing was delocalised to the UK.

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