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Feb 25, 2005
We're offering classic vintage gear kits for DIY build. Here's what's available:

RN73 class-A British type mic preamp with equalizer
This is a stand-alone unit. The kit includes:
  • 1RU enclosure (with pre-drilled back panel)
  • PCBs
  • Front panel
  • Power transformer
Racking kit for Neve VR console modules.
This kit allows to put modules from Neve VR channel strips into a 1RU enclosure. PCBs provide access to all signal points (including key in, loop in/out for dynamics and insertion send/return). The kit includes:
  • 1RU enclosure (with pre-drilled back panel)
  • PCBs
  • Front panel
  • Power transformer
Below are the 1/4 rack space modules. You can either put them in any suitable enclosure of your choice and provide rectified DC for powering. Or you can use our 4-channel frame kit for easy and convenient installation.

1290 class-A British type mic preamp

73EQ British type equalizer

312 discrete American type mic preamp

1176 UREI rev. D FET compressor

PYE type PWM compressor

12413 type zener compressor

We provide extensive documentation for the build. Here's support thread.

Custom front panels service.

This is a new service that we are just starting to offer. The basic idea is as follows. We gather a batch of different front panels and send it to our fab for manufacture. This allows to make single copies quite affordably. One batch is 9 1RU panels. We estimate the price of a 1U panel to be in the 50-60 USD range depending on the amount of milling. The graphics is printed into the anodized layer. Multicolor print is possible, but colors choice is limited. You can see how the print looks like from the examples here and here. Metal thickness is 3mm. It's also possible to install press-in stand-offs and nuts.

File formats. Corel Draw is preferred format (make sure to convert all text into curves). All other formats will require conversion and additional work on our side, so this will cost an extra 10$ for each design. Vector formats are preferred. I'm not sure that we can take raster images at this point.

Please, leave your comments and questions for this service in this thread. We will keep the log of the current batch below.

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