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[SOLD] S87 - vintage U87 style, cardioid microphone

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Aug 11, 2012
Hey Guys,

Here goes another microphone!

Based on vintage U87 circuit!
Cardioid only, without PAD and HPF.
Other modifications:
- no input cap and 1Gohm input impedance for better performance
- additional capacitor and switch (inside microphone) for full low end response

- capsule 797audio K67 type, single sided, cardioid only - barely used, in good working condition (one of the best K67 type capsules)
- donor body is from new Fame C05 microphone
- headbasket was reshaped a little (doesn't look perfect but live looks better than on the pics), it has a little inequalities but it doesn't affect response
- PCB's are reused from C05
- Transformer 3UAudio GZT-87 (similar in look and size to Peluso version), very linear in needed bandwidth, really good sounding.
- Except one 1Gohm resistor and switch all the electronic parts are new (mostly NOS).

I didn't used tantalum electrolytic capacitors, because it have no sense at all these days.
There's no sonic benefit from tantlums, only bigger possibility of fault.
For low ESR and better quality were used film capacitors and selected aluminium electrolytics.

Schematic in attchement, here's a parts description:
- 2N3819 Fairchild(ofcourse biased ;) )
- C5 (both) Wima MKS2
- C6 styroflex
- C7 Evox Rifa MMK
- C8 Elna Silmic II (two caps in parallel for lower ESR)
- C9 Roederstein MKT
- C10, C12 Panasonic FC
- C11, C13 AVX MKT
- C16, C17 NP0/C0G
- R8, R9, R10 NOS Resista carbon resistors (similar to Beyschlag used in original U87)
- source resistor - carbon NOS Beyschlag
- rest of resistors (except 1Gohm) 1% metalized Vishay, Beyschlag, Draloric, Vitrohm

Boards cleaned after work!

Great sounding,  custom made microphone!

You will receive microphone and zipper pouch bag (and nothing more ;) ).
Shipping from Poland, prefered to EU countries.
If the shipping costs and shipping safety let to send it outside EU i can send it even to Mars ;)

Looking for 190€ + shipping (no additional paypal fee).
For most EU countries shipping is minimum 25€ by DPD courier (safe and fast).
For example shipping to France cost 25€ but to Portugal  35€.
It's of course for verifiction if you send me your location.

Postal Priority Package cost 17€ (except Czech Republic and Slovakia,  cost 10€).
Bank transfer in € also possible.