Great!  :)

Any news on the SYT-5 mic bodies? Wondering if I should just screen print the switch markings myself...


Nothing concrete right now.  I am going to order a new batch of microphones before I run out of stock though to try and get extra marked body tubes in hand.  That production order has not been made yet though.
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Here is a quote from Stam Audio from another forum, about his 67 clones availibility : It is still another 40 days before I get the mic bodies for them
So this could be an indicator as to why they are backorder.


Hey chunger,

I sent you an email about a ht11 type 3 body., Did you see it? Hoping to catch you before the you ship my order.



Sorry for the delay.  I have a backlog of messages I need to respond to because I was rushing to get taxes done.  I'm back on the shipping queue tomorrow and will look for your changes.
DIY photo documentaries consolidated here: