Nice John!

you may be able to convert them if you can find a pair of the locking position langevin attenuators of the same time but wrong value for our project.

The same can be said of the shallco's and the davens.  If you can find a cheap  locking position attenuator of a weird spec you sould be able to just pop the top and transfer the spring & roller mechanism to the desired attenuator.

Cool!!! Good to know!!!!
Thanks! For info!!!!


thanks Tubemonkey !!!
 highly inspiring

Hi All,

As we get closer to delivery wanted to share a dropbox folder containing detail images of our 4 units.


Is the 600ohm T-Pad from Hairball a viable option for the output attenuator?

Bournes 51 Series 1/2" Modular Potentiometer
Module 1: Conductive Plastic Linear Element 500Ω +/-10%
Module 2: Conductive Plastic Logarithmic Element 1KΩ +/-10%
Module 3: Conductive Plastic Linear Element 500Ω +/-10%
Shaft/Bushing: 1/4" shaft with 3/8" bushing
Shaft Length: 3/4" FMS
Shaft End: Slotted
Bushing Length: 3/8" length
Terminals - PC Pin on .1” centers
Mounting Hardware: Mounting Nut & Lockwasher
PCB Included

Exactly ;)

I know it must be kinda hard to wait for so long, but believe me I'm on it :)

Face Plate update..????  :-)   ETA ?.....Thanks! John

I just received word that the new faceplates are on the way here, so if nothing else goes wrong the first kits will finally ship next week. In the meantime I'm finishing up the turret boards and pcbs - I attached some pics.
Gentlemen - these are all handmade pcbs. Credits go out to fellow forum member livingnote who did an amazing job! I'm adding the fork turrets as we speak.


Is the 600ohm T-Pad from Hairball a viable option for the output attenuator?

Yes, but it won't be "true to orginal".  If you want it to feel like an original you will have to fill out a dual deck 21 position switch.   Electrically it will work great, if you are okay with a "continuos" feel instead of a stepped feel.


Thanks Tubemonkey!


Hey folks,

sorry for the long silence again!
I just wanted to let you now, that 65 of the 80 kits ordered are now shipping!!!
I just forwarded the last of the first 65 orders to Don-Audio who takes care of shipping & handling for me
and he told me that due to the many orders it will take him a couple of days until he has processed all of them.
But the last one of the first 65 should be on its way by end of next week at the lastest!

The remaining 15 kits will be shipped after the xmas holidays.
But if by now you haven't received a notification from me letting you know that your kit will be among the last 15 on the list, you are obviously among the first 65  ;D 8

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Potato Cakes


This is amazing! Will there be a general guide available on your site or will it be posted here?

I can't wait to get started. I have most all of the parts I need to build both of mine.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to you as well!


« Last Edit: December 21, 2018, 02:31:56 PM by Potato Cakes »


Hi All,

As we get closer to delivery wanted to share a dropbox folder containing detail images of our 4 units.

Also I know there was already some discussion about the attenuators earlier in this thread but wanted to clarify as I've been down that road a few years ago and there are a few confusing elements.

These are 21  POSITION stepped attenuators with 2db difference between steps.  They should feel like a 21 position switch.  I saw mentioned earlier how they felt "smooth."   The ones that feel smooth are indeed still stepped attenuators, but the control doesn't have any "positions." 

This can be very confusing as many ebay listings correctly state "stepped" attenuator, but this does not necessarily mean they are the "locking position" type.

We are looking for a 21 position, 600 or 500 ohm attenuator, "taper" (audio) scale with Off position.

If you don't mind an extra dead position at the bottom you can buy one with the "cue" position, but the originals do not have this.

These are very hard to find and I have purchased around 12 different shallco and daven attenuators only to come up with two of the correct ones.

The best bet is to stick to finding a pair of LA-350-G's "Taper and off"

LA-353-G or F or LA-352-G or F will work but they will be linear scale.

LA-351 G or F may work but the scale is 1.5db per step so won't be true to the original.

It might be more worth your time to build a 21 position switch with the correct resistors.
My understanding was we do not want the off position. I did a lot of research on these.

My understanding is we want a 600R, 20 pos switch with no off. 2db/step, 40 dB attenuation. People are talking about “locking” but the term is “with detents.”

Any confirmation? I did internet research only, including this and other threads. I do not have an original unit.

« Last Edit: December 26, 2018, 07:45:48 PM by Phrazemaster »
** * Kablooie!

I have an original unit..And there is NO off position!  20 position and you could use 1.5 or 2 db. steps.
Obviously 1.5 Is going to be more fine tuned...Or NO steps at all even more fine adjustments. 40DB.

But I am sure variations either way spec wise would still work. Because there is a General area that most music material
will live on the input/output settings.


Many thanks John!
** * Kablooie!


Has anyone received shipping notification from Don Audio?



Yeah, I did. It was on the 28th


Me too 28th!

I received shipping confirmation on the 28th as well.  When I track it via DHL's website it doesn't look like it's actually shipped yet though.

I have notice now.....So should be on its way by next week.
Will post a link I found for the proper 300 ohm wire wound potentiometers for the VERNEIR fine
adjustments. I can confirm owning a original that test are wire wound precision.


Received my shipping notification today (USA).  :)

Rainton, will a build guide be released?

received my package on saturday - didn't open it up yet.


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