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Dec 27, 2005
New Jersey, USA
This is the "Nite EQ" Original thread.
I'm sorry but I had to delete several of my posts.
For the parts lists & PCB info, search for "Nite EQ" or check with Peterc... he made the PCB's for the Forum members from the info I sent him. It has it's own parts lists, Part #'s & Layout.

[quote author="peterc"]Hi all


My pots arrived from Smallbear on Friday & I put them onto the PCB & did some listening this weekend. I'm not given to over-blown descriptions, but this is a VERY nice EQ! The frequencies are great, lots of cut & boost & the air-band is very sweet at 20kHz & 40 kHz.

I will try & post some samples, but this is a keeper for me.

Can all those who want to buy PCB's please let me know, I'll post a thread on the Black Market.



Thread starts below

The company is out of business, has NO web site or support what so ever & has discontinued their products for years now. I've even heard several stories of people paying for products from the company they NEVER GOT :shock:

If anyone can help, PLEASE DO!

I'm trying to make a complete project to share with all that are interested.

It seems to be a VERY simple design.

Here is the (pre-made) power supply they use:
(I will be upgrading to a Linear PS)
It uses SMT resistors with very small numbers.... I've never had to figure them out before, HOW :?:

Also, some of them are just plain "white" are they just "zero ohm jumpers? :?

It uses :

6x 5532's
17x 1uf 63v caps
8x .1uf,
1x .22uf (seems to be on the higher bands)
1x .47uf (seems to be on the higher bands)

How do they split the bands with so little caps? :mad:

All the bands are fixed:

SUB (shelf)

variable (shelf)=

40k (air)

I have used this EQ a few times in one studio and I love the AIR and the SUB feature very much. This will be my next DIY if I can get my hands on the schematics. Great for mastering as well IMHO although it has fixed frequencies.

I want the schematics too... [email protected] :grin: :green:
BTW, some of the surface mont components that LOOK like resistors but are plain white, cream & pink in color have (c12, c200, c???) so they look to be SMT caps... how the hell can you tell what they are :?: :mad:

i have their preamp, the preq3, which developed a bad channel...long story short, i emailed "nightpro records" which seems to be some how related & got a phone number for one of the people involved in the company. i haven't had a chance to try and contact him yet. i'll pm it to you, kevin.

id be VERY interested in cloning this as well

I've been meaning to buy one for 2 years.... after I heard it


if its a simple circuit maybe pop the top and reverse engineer?
its fixed frequencies with only cut/boost correct?

can't be terribly complicated

Id be interested in a pic of the inside .. how much is in that box ..

did you get my pm purusha about the NYD eq?
anyone ever tried the patent search for this? I would try, but I suck in finding the patents..

just a thought.
It uses SMT resistors with very small numbers.... I've never had to figure them out before, HOW

SMT resistors are coded similar to color bands on a thru-hole resistor.

4 digits usually=1%
3 digits usually=5%

102=1K 5%
1001=1K 1%

Anything under 0603"(.060"X.030") will not be labeled. Usually 0603 and larger jumpers are labeled 000

Also, some of them are just plain "white" are they just "zero ohm jumpers?

SMT ceramic caps are almost always not labeled. You would have to remove the cap and measure with a LCR meter to know for sure. Same for 0402 and smaller resistors.

Tant caps are sized "A case" "B case" etc. but usually have the same type code, or they have the actual value printed.

OK, lets forget about the email BS and move on here :wink:

It's all good, I know you tried to help.

I'm about 30% thru tracing out the PCB layers & have most if not all the components down. I'm sure this is going to piss someone off but I'm not selling this thing... I may share though  :cool:

The power supply is switching TYPE, the (really expensive version) is linear... could I use something like the JLM ACDC :?:
or would it need larger filter caps than the ACDC can hold?

The rails are 18v +/-   no big deal.


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