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regarding the NTL1:

RedNoise said:
@ 42e (approx) , I'd like two!Thanks.
geoff004 said:
I'd probably be in for a pair.  They're hard to find in the US.
it is not a huge quantity.

what I can do (for an order of 25 pieces) is EUR 40 excl. VAT (note: the Thomann price is incl. VAT)
plus shipping :eek:
lead time at the moment: 5 weeks once I ordered
deuc224 said:
Mr silent sir, any idea when the adapter boards for the Haufes will arrive? ;D

I'm awaiting them next week - unfortunately I don't have any transformers for them anymore :eek:
Have to place a new Haufe order today
[silent:arts] said:
will reserve two for you.
which tube compressor PCBs do you want?
D-AOC: ordered and should arrive soon
D-LA2A: in stock
PM670: in stock

Hi Volker, do you have a price on the D-AOC boards please?

D-AOC PCBs will be EUR 33,- each + shipping + 19% german VAT where applicable
they are in an airplane right now, depending on customs behavior available middle of next week.

I am still looking for a extra PSU PCB for a PM660. did you have one available that don't disrupt the sets?