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Jul 25, 2015
Hi - I'm taking a shot at fixing my friend's D12E, which is passing zero signal at all.

After taking the capsule cover off, I found that both the lead-in wires from the voice coil were disconnected from the diaphragm wires. So I thought simply re-connecting those would fix it.

Both the voice coil lead-in wires have continuity along their respective blue and green output wires.

However, after soldering both diaphragm wires back to the voice coil lead-in wires, I still have zero signal (though plenty of crackling whenever I touch the lead-in wires)

I very gently pressed on the diaphragm w/ a piece of thin plastic - it moves smoothly.

I screwed the capsule cover back on, hoping the tension would get the diaphragm to start passing signal - still nothing.

Now I've removed the diaphragm, to inspect the rest of the capsule, and things look fairly clean to me (picture attached), so I'm really stumped.

Any ideas on what I'm missing?


PS - this particular mic doesn't have the sleeves/clamps that the lead-in and diaphragm wires go into, which is then clamped under a screw on the top of the capsule. Does anyone know how I can find a pair of those on Mouser?


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Oct 18, 2009
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sometimes the enamelled wire on the coil doesn't take solder well, but it can also be the coil is open internally. check continuity on the voice coil itself, unfortunately if it's open there is not much you can do.
for the sleeves you could try cutting down and bending m2 solder tags.