Anyone use B9 Audio microphones before?

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Mar 16, 2018
There's this company making microphones that look very much like Schoeps mics in Taiwan called B9 Audio, and they're pretty affordable at $600 USD or less. The specs, if accurate, look very similar to Schoeps, they come with tiny preamps that look similar to the CMC1 (except I think B9's were out first), and they're apparently compatible with Schoeps capsules. The samples I've heard were really good sounding and the shotgun mic sounds fantastic compared to a 416 but pretty much looks exactly like a CMIT without the switches (this one I'm not a fan of because it looks almost identical except it's a capsule for the modular preamp). I've heard great things about the performance of the mics, but I wanted to ask if anyone has tried them? I'm not expecting Schoeps performance, but I'd expect them to be better than some of the other "poor man's Schoeps" mics. Has anyone on here tried them before?

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