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Finally getting around to playing with the boards I bought, only to discover I seem to have not saved the docs then.
I can't log onto the google cloud and access them, is there a public account where I can get them?
Anyone have a schematic and BOM they can just email to me?
I purchased these new from bernbrue...

Thanks for the responses, I am set!
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I have upgraded my compressor to improve the frequency response, reaction..... I swapped the Edcore input and output transformers and replaced them with UTM transformers. These two transformers now produce a much better sound. The treble range is much more clearly defined and the bass range is very linear down to below 40 Hertz. I have also tested a lot of tubes, such as ECC 83 against ECC 82 and 5749 tubes against different 6ba6 tubes. In my opinion, the "hotter" ECC83/12AX7 from JJ is the better choice in this setup and I preferred it to the more neutral ECC82/12AU7 in this circuit. The Mu tube JAN5749 also sounds more brilliant regarding to details, transients, much more musical... than all the 6BA6s tested, such as Philips... which sounded rounder and much less spectacular, more neutral. Since the UTM 2581 input transformer has a higher ratio of 600:15K than the used Edcor XSM600/10K, a higher h pad of 18dB attenuation was also necessary. The UTM3580 output transformer delivers a much better performance at 10K:600 than the OT Edcor XPP1 10K 600, especially in the highs. It fades out far too much above 10KHz. I also run the two 100nF DC decoupler caps in parallel with large 10nF Silver Mica caps. Maybe a controversal discussion about paralleling DC coupler caps. In my opinion, this gives a subjective cleaner detail in the highs.
You have to play around with the components a lot to get this compressor perfectly trimmed, be it the input level, the control bandwidth, or to get the noise in perfect balance. Every tube change has a very, very strong effect on the circuit. Simply brilliant now, a really classy toaster, thick, silky, from super gentle to brutal....


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