DB54 - 2254 style compressor {update 22.10.19}

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My build is nearly perfect but I have some hum, I'm thinking it maybe due to my screens on my txf not being down to gnd?
Should they go to chassis gnd or audio gnd?
If they were not grounded would the circuit hum?
I received my Garash db54 boards, shipped to USA, excellent communication, fast shipping w/tracking, expertly packed and with a few cool extras.

Thank you diystudiotoys!

kml23956 said:
Can anyone get transformers for this? What are you using besides AML because their site is empty for these as far as I can tell right now.
AML have them back in the online store now
hi all,

need help with build.. rev 1.0.
i have the exact same problem as Zergonion had earlier in this thread.. using an external 24V psu
voltages are ok on all card connector-pins .. bias on ba283 is adjusted..2,3vdc.
unity gain calibration doesn't work..when i send 1vac to the input i have signal only when compress is switched off. when i switch it on, there is nothing but a very little distorted signal. almost like bleed from side chain or something...
meter is working ok and reflects parameter changes of the front panel controls..
i have made 2 of each BA boards.. i interchanged them but still the same issue
somehow i think it has to do with the wiring but i checked everything over and over..same as in assembling guide.. i am using Carnhill versions 9046/9045/1148..

would be great to get some help...

thank you

This thread about DB54 diode bridge compressor.
It's based around Neve 2254 but not a blind clone.

It's available as diy kits for those who are interesting in building their own compressor:
kit contain BA185, BA191, BA283 boards, board for joining BA cards, face board for switches and 24V psu board.

More info:
Some additional info here:
Build info here:
12.06.16 - topic start
21.09.16 - first run, check Reply #41 for video!
05.10.16 - fully calibrated and works as it should, check Reply #48 for more info.
10.11.16 - samples added! Check reply#71 and #73
25.03.17 - assemble gude added. Check reply#126 and further
12.10.18 - 9 kits left from third batch
22.10.19 - we start to order 4th batch of DB54


As a couple years ago I was really inspired by original 2254, I've started to explore its schematic and construction. Now, after about 8 month of lazy processing I've got some results that I hope very soon will be materialises in to the real piece of gear!

During my explore I’ve decided to get best from vintage, save mojo approach as possible, extract some not useful function and add some additional options multiplied by modern approach.

And here is what I’ve got:
- first of all I’ve recreated original BA cards - 185, 191 and 283, I hope that save some vintage “mojo”. Using same 18pin connectors give possibilities of using vintage cards that sometimes can be found on evilbay.
- one mono unit will feat into 1U
- limiter function was deleated, compressor only
- all wires between BA cards was replaced with pcb
- additional variable attack times (original has fixed on 5mS)
- additional faster release times
- meter off switch. Yeah, that's my own freaking function. It stay compressor in action but turn off the gain reduction meter. It let me concentrate on the sound and hearing it with ears not eyes))
- relay bypass

Unit will need three transformers (31267, 10468, 1166), three BA cards - 185, 191 and 283 and outboard power supply.


When will the full kit be available again?