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Terry OBrien

New member
Jul 3, 2023
Good morning.
My name is Terry. I've been an live sound engineer for 15 years(ish) and I'm currently at the tail end of a Masters in Science in Cork School of Music, part of the Munster Technological University. I have an arts backgroung so I'm very much challenging myself this year with the MSc.
My project for my thesis is definitely a challenge for me. My knowledge of electronics is pretty basic, although I used to service equipment regularly in my last job, so I know how not to get killed. High praise indeed.

My project.
The design, build and test of a dual large diaphragm Mid/Side microphone with decoded three outputs. i.e. Mid, side and decoded side for mid/side to be applicable live. Essentially I want to add a second output to the side capsule with reversed polarity.
So far, this forum appears to be full of knowledgeable people and I feel I will find it very useful going forward. I will publish any of my successes and failures going forward. My thesis is due 17 August.

Thanks for being a resource that is available.
Cheers and happy 4th of July to my U.S. friends on here.