Harrison Pro 7 Broadcast Console 16 pres/EQ/Filters

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Mar 25, 2017
Harrison Pro 7 Broadcast Console
Built 1984
Includes power supply with 20’ cable (completely re-capped)
Complete Manual

The back story and the desk:
The Audio Program at my school shut down and they were getting rid of a lot of gear that had been donated to the department over the years to anyone who would take it. I figured a few grand and I’d have a kick ass console.

It has 16 mono channels with EQ, filters, inserts, and 2 Aux Sends per channel. These channels can be summed into 4 stereo busses, which sum down to a stereo Program Buss. The wiring inside terminates to molex connectors.

The first thing I did was hire a tech recommended to me by my professor. A gentlemen who had been in the industry in Los Angeles as a Tech for over 30 years. He recommended before we power it on that we swap out all the caps on each channel and also on the power supply. We used high quality Caps (he gave me two options at the time, we went with the more expensive option, blanking on what it was right now). Steve took a little longer than I anticipated, however I got the console back fully re-capped and with a healthy power supply.

I then hired Tech Tim O’Sullivan to wire the console up to my patchbays. This proved to be quite a task, but Tim and his team got the entire console wired from Molex to Dsub breakouts for the entire console.

I used the desk for the two years I had my studio, until my scum bag landlord doubled my rent when my lease was up so he could rent it to some weed growers. Yay Legalization.

I was getting ready to put the funds aside to finish the desk up, but the studio closed, and now its beeen sitting in my closet for a year. Its time to move on and let someone else have this sweet sounding desk. (I moved to a new studio and we have an API The Box. It does everything I need a desk to do without dropping a penny.. so the Harrison continues to sit)

The Good:
The console sounds awesome. The EQ’s are incredible. It looks much more limited than it is in practice. The Filters are just, wow. I want a clone of this HPF installed on every single preamp I ever use again. The Preamps are very clean and clear with lots of head room as well.
Each channel is a separate card, making them really easy to work on and perform maintenance on.

I have extra molex connectors somewhere, as well as the expensive tool to remove the connectors.

The Bad:
7 channels don’t pass audio at all, and one channel has a VCA issue that causes an audible tick in the audio path. Additionally, the actual output of the desk wasn’t wired up.. its one molex connector and two pins to do so. I used the desk to track, so I went out of the Insert Sends, which I jumpered to be post fader.. so it was never an issue. If you want to use the desk to sum through the master buss then you’ll want to wire it up. Also.. most of the VU's don't light up.. however, they all worked last time I powered it on.

The Ugly:
Bless his old failing heart, my tech just wasn’t doing his best health wise and passed away 3 months after he finished re-capping the console. The problem is, he kind of rushed the job at the end, because in our attempt to find out why channels weren’t passing audio, we found caps MISSING on a few cards. So.. in is old age and failing health, my tech made a few mistakes. Ugh.

The Price:
I’ve personally put $4k into the re-cap and another $6k into the wiring. Add in the $600 I spent getting the manual from Harrison and time spent on this project.. well I’ve got well over $10k into the desk.

I’m asking $1500 OBO for the desk, power supply, and manual. I understand I’m not going to get what I put back into it, and the uncertainty of how much is left to get it 100% might dissuade some... but I figured if any place would be interested in a project like this, its GroupDIY.

I’m also open to trades of Clones, preferably Pultecs, or Stereo EQ’s.

Would also trade for an API 512C, API 550B, Distressor, Or a Helios Type 69 preamp

The Location:
I’m located in Long Beach, CA (Los Angeles lil friend 25 min south down the 405) I WILL NOT SHIP. This is pickup only. The power supply alone weighs like 50 lbs.

What to expect:
7 channels don’t pass audio, however its likely a fairly simple fix. A few channels are simply missing Capacitors.
You’ll need to get dsub cables to connect to the desk
It shouldn’t be more than a day or two with a tech to get this back to 100%.


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