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Mar 30, 2005
My Fairchild 670 plug-in is missing some tube shields on the back.

STILL LOOKING. Thanks for the suggestions. TUBE DEPOT WAS A BUST. The picture was correct but the shields they sent were the cheap ones that didn't fit the tube sockets. Tube Depot had the small 6386 tube shields. Apparently, they are called 'J-Type'. I found the 12AX7 shield on Reverb.com after entering in 'J-Type' in the search box.

They are the J-type. I need to source 8 for the 6386 tubes 1-1/2" tall. and 1 for the 12AX7. The 12AX7 part number is TS103U02 (would prefer ELCO for this one). I believe the part number for the 6386 tubes is TS103U01... ELCO, Cinch or whatever. Appreciate any help locating these.

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Ah! Not sure why I didn't think about going to Apex. It's just 15 minutes away. Thanks Doug.

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