Looking for a valve tech in the European Union to work on a previously modified Ampex 601 preamp

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May 14, 2009
I can't really find someone locally, so i was wondering if there's anyone out there who could help me out.

I have one of the last units made by Jim Miller (Ampex 601), however, there's a few things i'd like changed that were only really apparent after using it, but there's also things he should've done that he did not. I can't really get a hold of him anymore, i know he's having health issues, so i gave up on trying to have him perform the work he didn't do, plus, it's over the pond and me being in Portugal, it really doesn't make sense from a cost perspective.

This Ampex 601 is now a 3x1 unit, built into a tweed lunchbox. As far as i know and requested, the circuit is true to the original (single ended, no negative feedback, etc.), but i have no way to verify this, as he also didn't deliver on writing a schematic for the work he performed. There's now UTC iron on the input and output, the other input is the original Ampex iron and the third input is unbalanced.

The work would be to make it a 2x2 unit, if at all possible and not cost prohibitive, and, if not, to rearrange the configuration of some of the front pots and pass some of the features that are in the back, to the front of the unit. The psu should be made external, as the main input is currently unusable with ribbons due to hum, and 220v, which is one of the things he forgot. That's the bulk of it.

Any techs out there who could tackle this one?
Thank you very much in advance.


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May 9, 2008
I'm from Portugal also and know a tech in Lisbon that could work on that.

Just be aware, as you are worried about the cost, this type of work takes a lot of time, tools and knowledge/experience so being it in Portugal or in other EU country you will have to pay what the work needed costs, if you're looking for a bargain probably you end up with a non working product with a badly performed service.

If you are interested in getting the Tech contact send me a PM

May 14, 2009
Hi Tiago, thanks for the reply. From experience, i know quite well that these things take time and you get what you pay for, for sure. I'm just looking for a fair bench fee and the ability to tackle this the right way. Shot you a PM, thanks.