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Mar 30, 2005
META - DIY Gallery

This is a META-thread, designed to display completed projects by our forum members.

This is for completed projects only, so please feel free to submit links to yours, or other member’s completed projects. I will try to update this as frequently as possible. I am not posting threads that have expired pictures, and I would appreciate the help of people to point out threads with dead pics.

***NEW INFO***
I've decided to add links to this meta on a "as requested" basis. So, if you don't see your completed project here, just post a link to request it...

I had to modify this DIY Gallery META because it exceeded the maximum allowable characters, so, this main page will now direct you to new sub pages for the project categories. If you would like to submit your thread links, please click on the link leading to the sub page that best describes your project, then use the reply button on that sub page to submit the link to your thread.

Some simple posting rules to make things easier on me and members browsing through this META:

Do not submit links to the main page. Use the sub page that best fits your category.

Submit only links to completed project threads. Do not submit links to help threads or outside sites. If necessary, create a new thread with links to the external sites so that we can leave comments about your project.

Please do not submit links to commercial sites that are selling their own audio products.

Please do not submit links to other forums outside of Prodigy.

Do not submit individual pictures. Instead make a new thread and submit the link to the thread here.

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This is an old thread, but I actually got a chance to read all of the way through it today, and found a great surprise towards the end. This is a great looking microphone, and the thread is a pretty interesting read.


More Here:


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